About Us

Mocha Chai Laboratories is founded by Filmmakers, for Filmmakers

Mocha Chai Laboratories is Singapore’s first boutique digital film lab, and is fully compliant with the DCI-standard. Since its inception in 2011, the company has handled international features and local projects, such as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I, A Walk Among The TombstonesJobs, The Lady, 女朋友*男朋友Sadako 3D, Ah Boys To Men I & II, and currently serving cinemas for Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines and other parts of Asia. Our key services and products include:

• DCP Mastering
• Subtitling and/ or Translation
• DCP Duplication
• Encryption
• KDM & DKDM generation
• Censorship/ Editing
• Localisation/ Reversioning
• Conversion to Blu-ray/ DVD/ mov/ mpeg/ other digital formats
• 2K DCI Colour Grading
• Netstor Thunderbolt solutions
• Rental of facilities
• Archival

The list is not exhaustive, and we cover any other digital services necessary to the completion of a motion picture feature, trailer, commercial, or other professional film production. At Mocha Chai, we believe in providing efficient and quality services in the most secure fashion, utilising industry-leading solution, CLIPSTER®, for digital cinema workflow. With an in-house cinema projector server and a screening room, you can preview your DCPs or perform offline editing & online grading, all at a one-stop shop, at our facilities.

At Mocha Chai, we believe that filmmaking is a craft – from idea, to script, to production, post production, and finally to DCP, and we want to be your partner to ensure the best quality in your final digital cinema encoding and delivery. Speak to us for more details, coffee and good advice is for free!