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Download latest drivers here.

NA762TB driver
Latest software driver supports up to 10.10.x Yosemite
Download latest driver (LINK) 

Doesn’t require software to work.

Doesn’t require drivers to operate. Just make sure you install the latest Thunderbolt aware drivers for the respective cards you are using. Listed below are some popular devices which have thunderbolt aware drivers. The list below is not exhaustive, so check with your device manufacturer’s website for thunderbolt compatibility.
For the software to activate GPU under 10.9.x, please contact us at with your NA211TB serial number and we will revert back with instructions and software.

Related drivers information. 

Black Magic Design
Blackmagic Design Decklink Card software  (Desktop Video) are Thunderbolt aware. Click on the “capture and playback” category and download the latest Desktop Video software. 

KONA and Io Express drivers are now “Thunderbolt-aware.” This means that these AJA products may be hosted in a PCIe to Thunderbolt adapter chassis or an ExpressCard/34 to Thunderbolt adapter.

Redrocket/ RedrocketX software/drivers are thunderbolt aware. NOTE: Due to the high power requirements of the Red Rocket cards, it should be the only card installed in the chassis.

Highpoint Rocket RAID
The Rocket RAID Cards 2700 and 4500 series drivers are thunderbolt aware already. Supported up to 10.10.x. Follow the link below and click “Learn more” about each card to download their latest drivers.

Areca RAID Cards
PCI RAID HBAs/External PCI RAID HBAs/ SAS RAID HBAs cards have thunderbolt aware drivers supporting up to 10.10.x.

HDX cards drivers are thunderbolt aware. Please read AVID’s support page for more information regarding OS X and Windows compatibility.

RME Audio
Drivers for Mac OS are thunderbolt aware

Universal Audio
UAD 2 PCI Express cards drivers are thunderbolt aware.