DCP Services and more

Making DCP (Digital Cinema Packages) at Mocha Chai Lab is not just a simple “export and you are done” process. At Mocha Chai Lab, we take extreme care in the process, probably more so than anyone else we know. We focus on ACCURACY IN COLOR, CORRECT GAMMA LEVELS, CORRECT MONITORING, APPLYING THE RIGHT LUT SETTINGS, COMPATIBILITY and testing, testing and more testing!


You will hear this term all the time – “DCI COMPLIANT“. And here at Mocha Chai Lab, we equip ourselves with industry leading solutions to achieve the above. We use the DVS Clipster to master our DCPs. This is the same solution used by Hollywood to make their DCPs (Avatar and Hobbit are made on these!). We also have a DCI Compliant Barco DP2K-12C, Doremi Playback server and Dolby Audio Processor in house. We literally have a mini cinema theater in our lab.


Compatibility is KING. We have a database of cinema playback servers and the Clipster is able to run DCPs through a compatibility test that ensures it will play everywhere. Furthermore, with a playback server and cinema projector in house, you can test and experience your film as how it should play at a DCI compliant environment.


At our lab, we use a Barco DCI compliant Projector, which processes our cinema playback and color grading facilities in full XYZ Color Space. So what you see is what you should get. Our projector is regularly checked by Barco engineers to ensure accurate color and brightness levels. We do this so you know when your DCP is played at a cinema correctly calibrated, your film will look the way it is intended.


We serves clients from all around the world. Whenever a client starts a project with us, we create an account just for the client. All in the cloud to facilitate the upload and download of materials, including your DCPs if required. Our server is located in our own lab so your materials is transferred securely to and from our facility, not through any 3rd party servers.

CONTACT US to master your DCPs.

We understand there are many ways out there to create your DCP, but we have developed workflows to ensure that you have a DCP master which is accurate to your vision, and of high quality. The last thing we want is the film that you have slogged so hard for getting into playback troubles at the international festivals in front of a critical audience. We work with filmmakers, exhibitors, distributors, and post production houses alike to ensure their products work and play as they should. We even customise our LUT settings to help individual post production houses with non-DCI monitoring solutions ensure their clients can deliver their products at the cinemas accurately.

Or visit us at our lab to see how your film will be converted, tested and delivered.

Anywhere you are, email us at contactus@mochachailab.com to begin your DCP mastering process.